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Project Smart Wheels

An Arduino based, smartphone controlled electric car project under the fulfillment of MECT 410 Capstone Team Project.


This project is about the control of an RC car by using Bluetooth technology and a smartphone with an Android software. Android is a software that is currently developed by Google and it is a mobile operating system (OS) based on Linux kernel. The software is developed specifically for the touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones. The user interface of the Android is based on direct contact to the touchscreen. Those contacts can correspond to real world actions, such as tapping swiping and pinching. Those direct manipulations are used to have access on-screen objects as well as a virtual keyboard for text input. The android Smartphone in this project is used to control the RC car through Bluetooth communication technology. The smartphone is already equipped with communication technology of the Bluetooth which is used to communicate with the RC car wirelessly. The car is using DC motors to create motion. The DC motors are connected with the motor driver and the driver is equipped with the Bluetooth module HC-05 chip. An Arduino UNO controller board is connected to the microcontroller and a 9-V battery is used for the power source. The screen of the smartphone is designed by using special coding. The smartphone is coded to control the upward, backward, left and right side motion of the car. By tilting the smartphone, the motions of the car can be controlled. The android application uses the loaded orientation sensor of the android smartphone then reckons the calculations to map motor values which gives full control to the rotation of RC car. Bluetooth is used to communicate with the motor controller of the car and the Arduino so the control commands are transmitted to the car. The tools and parts that are needed to complete the project are briefly described..