This site will show a capstone project for glass recycling kiosk

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Recycling Concept                                                                                            ABSTRACT

This website is about designing and manufacturing of a Glass crushing kiosk, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for capstone design course, to complete the curriculum of mechanical engineering and mechatronics program in order to obtain the BS degree in mechanical engineering at Eastern Mediterranean University. The enormous industrial and technological development has led to an increase in the amount of materials consumed, which can be disposed of  either by throwing it in the garbage and waste containers, or by being buried or dropped into the seas and oceans. All these methods pose a significant environmental burden. This causes pollution of air, water and soil etc. Therefore, finding alternatives to these methods has become a matter of concern across the world. The aim of this report is to discuss recycling as a significant alternative for reducing the consumption of power, getting benefits from the wasted material by turning them into an energy resource, and going on toward that ideal desired life. Firstly, this report highlights the importance of recycling as a source for saving energy. Moving on, the report examines the material that can be recycled with a literature review about this process. Also, adding the working of various kinds of crushing machines. Finally, this report illustrates detailed study about the designing process of the glass crushing kiosk, taking into consideration the mechanical and mechatronics aspects.
Objectives of the Project

This project will show the combination and the relationship between the Mechanical and Mechatronics aspects. We will link the engineering concepts that we have learned and employ them in order to increase people's awareness so that they take responsibility for protecting the environment and nature. This can be accomplished by transferring some of the used materials into their raw state to be used again, thus a real reduction of using energy and consuming new raw materials can be achieved. The importance of such a project will be shown as it plays a significant rules of size reduction to around less than 70% which in terms led to a real cost reduction in following stages and that especially for glass recycling process.
This project will go through several stages starting from designing which will be based on computer aided engineering software’s such as Solid Works to design every part and the resulting assembly. Different manufacturing machines and operations in the workshop will be used for manufacturing of the parts of the kiosk. The assembly and installation will be done using the required motors, sensors and other components and the operation of these components will be combined together through programming perspectives
Working Mechanism

User puts in bottle. (assume glass)
Bottle lands on the first gate and is accepted by the machine. The machine opens the first gate for the bottle to reach the second gate. As the first gate opens, the mixer starts to work. If the material of the bottle is not accepted,  the gates will not open and warning message will display.
When the bottle lands on the second gate, it takes few seconds to open for the bottle to land in the mixer.
Since the mixer is already turning, we obtained efficient results with it. The time it takes for our machine to crush one bottle is 3 seconds, which is very good with the resources we had. The image below shows fine glass culets collected in the storage box.