This report is about designing and testing different types of Solar air heaters. Solar air heaters are used for many different purposes such as protect to environment and to satisfy the need of electricity consumption by people. The aim of this report is to show that what is solar air heater in general, the main working principles and effects of solar energy on the environment. Then the report examines the advantages of solar air heaters and its future development. In this modern world people only depends on the solar energy source which are more economical.


          Some of energy source cannot be used for a long time because it is very dangerous not only for environment but also for human use, such as fossil fuels. These are the reason we need to develop a renewable energy source. In this report or content solar energy is the best source of saving energy and it has good result in heating system, efficiency of solar collectors can be increased according to different solar air heaters designs. The material of solar air heaters are used in acceptable cost. In our project we are going to use conical type and colacan for having a large area where air passes and double. We are going to use a thin aluminum material for absorber plate.

Our result show a different temperature range for conical and cola can

Collectors. The overall Radiation for cola can is 819.5[W/m²]

Starting from 09:00am to 11:30am on 25/04/2017

and another overall radiations starts from 12pm:00 to 15:30pm on same day which is 876.2[W/m²]