Different types of car shell production process are available to us worldwide, in which many of them are of different advantages and usages. After studies and comparison with available resources and technology to us, the fiberglass car body was selected.

      Thus our project was concerned with the design, production, and installation of a lightweight fiberglass car body for a solar car. This project was handled successfully by the members of the group ULTRA, in the year 2016.

The purpose of this project and evidently the report writing is to cover a procedural approach taken by this CAPSTONE team, in the production of the car shell which would be used in the completed production (creation and manufacture) of the ultimate product – an electric vehicle. Certain requirements, steps and also procedures of management, communication and travel, have been carefully conducted and reported in this extremely comprehensive report.

        Prior to this report, little was known and investigative aware to us on the production of lightweight efficient and durable car shell.