In this project we are working on Vertical Axis H rotor Type three blades wind turbine. This is one of the type of Vertical Axis wind turbine. The design and fabrication of Vertical Axis wind turbine (VAWT) is important and we are emphasizing to make it light weight, so the selection of all material is depending on over this concern. The main purpose of this project is to generate power from it. The turbine consists of three blades which has fixed angle of attack. The airfoil we are using in this project is NACA 0021. The component we are using in this project is Aluminum hollow Shaft, connecting arms, PVC spar Cycle Wheel and Bicycle denymo. The lower assembly we construct from iron and for airfoil we are using polymer because of its light weight and spar between the airfoil to connect it with shaft by using connection arms. The detail manufacturing is provided in the manufacturing section of all of its parts. Finally the performance of vertical Axis Wind Turbine was tested and we get power from it.